conditions. The region also features rich soil that is packed with tree-growing nutrients. We fertilize our trees with only the highest quality fertilizer around. For more information about Helmig Tree farms, please contact us.
Lester Helmig - evergreen@molalla.net
Vicki Helmig - helmigtreefarms@molalla.net
Robert Helmig - helmigtreefarms@molalla.net
  • No mud planting – has less impact on the soil and it gives seedlings a better start
  • Continual cultivating – provides a healthier crop from seedling to harvest, ensuring top grade Christmas trees
  • Selective/Limited use of chemicals – better for the environment and reduces growing costs
  • On-site resources and infrastructure to increase efficiency

Helmig Tree Farms is a name you can trust to deliver you the freshest and highest quality product available in the world, at prices that are as competitive as any. We are extremely proud of our practices and it shows in the quality of our trees and the health of our land.